International Scientific Research Conference

Date:   30 – 31  March,  2024   :   Bangkok,  Thailand 

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Presentation Opportunity    –   International Conference.

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Jointly organized by :    International Scientific Research Association ;    Chreso University, Zambia;     Institut für Dienstleistung,  Germany.;    The Indian Institute of Management and Commerce(IIMC), Osmania University, India.      Supported by:  EIST(EU) ;      and    Sponsored by  Research Culture Society.

* Best Paper Presentation Award,   *Best Project Presentation Award,   *Best Poster Presentation Award.

* Submit Full Paper / Article for Publication till  :-   25th April, 2024     ( publications by 30th April, 2024 in special issues)

Call for Presentation:  Paper,  Poster,  Project,  Thesis, Dissertation,  Abstract.   (Free Publication for Registered candidates).   All Physical Mode Presentations will be on 30th March, 2024.  (08:30 am to 03:30 pm) 

Full details of  sub-topics / sub-themes given in the Brochure PDF file below.:- 

Tracks  are including   all major  Subjects – Topics – Streams:

  • Track 1  General – Basic Sciences, Applied Science and  Allied Science. 
  • Track 2  –  Engineering and Technology.  
  • Track 3  –  Business Management.  
  • Track 4  –  Commerce / Trade – Economy.  
  • Track 5  –  Social Sciences,  Law,  ELT   and  Literature.   
  • Track 6  –  Education and Physical Education – Sports Science. 

( After registration submit – Abstract  & get invitation letter ;  Join WhatsApp group )

Download – full  Brochure PDF  (with Sub-Themes, EASY Participation Steps, Agenda Plan)
Download  –  ‘ Abstract ‘  Submission Template file –  Prepare Abstract and send by email
Download  – PPT template  file   –  for Presentation of paper / e-poster / project / thesis
General Instructions – Tutorial : Participation  &  Presentation  Easy Steps   =>
Evaluation form   of  –  Oral Presentations   ( for paper /project / thesis )
Evaluation form   of  –  Poster  Presentations   (for Posters)
ISRC  – 2024   Agenda –  Plan of Sessions  &  Conference Venue Photos
Download  – Sample Paper / Article Template for publication ( M.S. Word editable file ).

Submission deadline:  

Abstract till :-  

Review status and Notification  :-   within 24 hours of the submission. 

Registration till  :-    

Registration Payment:-   

Presentation PPT :-  

Conference Date:-    30 – 31  March, 2024

Conference Location – Venue:  Divalux Resort & Spa,  Bangkok,  Thailand  ( Approx.12.5 km from Suvarnabhumi International Airport )

Submit Full Paper / Article for Publication till  :-    25th April, 2024    ( publications by 30th April, 2024 in special issues)

Submission (Paper/Abstract/Presentation) Email :

Inquiry Contact Number:      +91 9033767725     ( Call or WhatsApp  –  any Support related to Conference)

Description of Registration & Participation Charges

 THB for Thailand Candidates;    INR is for Indian Candidates   &   USD is for other International Candidates

(*  10 %  Discount  –   For Students & Research Scholars   OR  in group registration of 2 candidates    OR   15% for Organization Members ) Thailand Candidate Register can pay charge till

30th March, 2024  at the Conference Desk. 

Regular from  13th March to  28th March, 2024 
Participants  Descriptions  (Per Person/ Delegate) Academician /  Student / Researcher / Industry Delegate / Institution Person Academician /  Student / Researcher / Industry Delegate / Institution Person
Registration – Presentation  (  With Accommodation)   $ 200 USD   /   Rs. 12500 INR   /    ฿ 6000 THB $ 200 USD   /   Rs. 12500 INR   /    ฿ 6000 THB
Attendee / Listener – Registration ( With Accommodation)  $ 150 USD   /   Rs. 11000 INR   /    ฿ 5000 THB $ 150 USD   /   Rs. 11000 INR   /    ฿ 5000 THB
Registration – Presentation  ( Without Accommodation)  $ 120 USD   /    Rs. 7000 INR    /    ฿ 3000 THB $ 120 USD   /    Rs. 7000 INR    /    ฿ 3000 THB
Attendee / Listener – Registration  ( Without Accommodation)  $ 80 USD    /    Rs. 5500 INR    /     ฿ 2000 THB $ 80 USD    /    Rs. 5500 INR    /     ฿ 2000 THB
Publications ( ISSN Journals Online  & ISBN Proceedings Print ) Free Free
Best Presentation Award  (by merit based selection) Free Free
*** Scopus / WoS / CARE / Springer etc. Publications
Extra Charge Extra Charge
** Additional  –  Residential Accommodation per Night $ 50 USD  /  Rs. 3500 INR  /   ฿1500 THB $ 50 USD  /  Rs. 3500 INR  /   ฿1500 THB
City Tour (cab/taxi) in sharing 4  to 7  people (if opt) Extra Charge   Extra Charge  
Below are separate registration  – Professional Awards  *** ***
RCS International Award(If want to apply  Year – 2024) $ 100 USD  /  7000 INR $ 100 USD  /  7000 INR
SRA Global Award  (If want to apply  Year – 2024) $ 100 USD    /  7000 INR $ 100 USD    /  7000 INR

Conference Payment Options  =>    Gpay  / Paytm / Scan barcode /  UIP ID  /  Paypal  /  Bank Account Payment  for  NEFT/ RTGS/ IMPS/ Western Union/ Moneygram / International Forex transfer     OR   payment options are available in the Brochure PDF file.

Opportunities  Options :  (Presentation  /  Free Publications; ::       We Welcome Sponsors / Co-Sponsors )

  • Presentation of Paper / Article /  Poster / Project / Thesis / Dissertation. —  (in PPT – Power point file)
  • Publication of Paper / Article / Poster / Project / Thesis / Dissertation.  —   (in editable M.S. word file)
  • Free Publication in Scientific Referred, Peer-Reviewed ISSN Journals  &  ISBN – soft copy.
  • Corporate / Industry/ Institution  Sponsor  or Co-Sponsor are invited to join.
Submission Guidelines for  Presentation  &  Publication

Presentation Languages:   English  OR  Any  Other Spoken Language.      Presentation Time approx. – 15 minutes.

For Presentation   PPT file   –  approximately  min.8  to max. 25 slides    (with clear readable fonts size :-   26  or  28 )  

For Poster Presentation size:-   Print Poster – 36″ x 48“ / 48″ x 48“ / 48″ x 60″ inch at conference,  &  e-Poster :-  1 PNG  image on slide number – 1 OR 2  &  on the next 1 or 2 slides theory in PPT file (Landscape size – width : 40 cm, height : 27 cm  /  Portrait size : width : 30 cm, height : 40 cm )

For pre-recorded video Presentation Pre-recorded presentation –  maximum  15  minute,    video presentation with  slides of PPT (with Audio and Video) can be shared in email / drive attachment    OR     Youtube link. (with visible-audible access permissions).

Note: All presentations will be evaluated as per evaluation form by the session chairpersons.     PDF file submission will not be considered.   

For  Free  Publication :  M.S. word editable file,  Page – A4, Normal Margin – 2.54 cm each side, Single Column, Fonts – Times New Roman/  Unicode/ Mangal,  Size – 11,  Title – 18, Theory – 11,   line spacing – 1.0.,    Figures, tables in the center.    —-    File Approx. –   Minimum – 1000  to    Maximum – 5000  words.    

Title – Author  Name, Designation, Affiliation – Department /Faculty ,  College / University Name,  Email ID, Contact Number,  Full Address with Pin Code – Abstract – Keywords – Introduction – Objectives – Literature Review – Methodology –  Middle Body  (contents) – Analysis & Discussion – Results / Findings – Recommendations –  Conclusion –   cited References. (APA/MLA/IEEE)

Publication of Conference is Free (for interested presenters) as a Special issues of Scientific International, Peer-Reviewed, Refereed Journals:   1) ‘Eurasian Journal of Research and Innovation’ (EJRI) with impact factor 5.17 ;  2)  IJIRMF –  UGC Approved with impact factor : 9.47  &  3)  ‘Journal of Science and Healthcare Exploration’ with impact factor 5.273  &  Proceedings – Abstracts Book with ISBN   for all tracks. OR   Publication is Optional not compulsory / OR  Participant  can publish  elsewhere with own additional expenses in Scopus / WoS / CARE / Springer etc. 

Conference Participation Package –  Terms & Conditions : 

Concession – Discount :-    For Research Scholars – Students  there is 10 % Concession in Registration – Participation in full payment. (ID-Card / Letter is required for concession).    OR /     In Group Registration – Participation of  2 Persons —   10 % discount will be given in full payment.   For concession contact us by Email.

Inclusion in Registration Charge (With or Without Accommodation) :  Conference participation,  Access to all sessions, Conference kit,  Hard copy Certificate,  Best Paper award / Best Presentation / Best Poster Presentation as per merit selection.   Free Conference Publications soft copy  with ISBN Book / ISSN Journals.

With Accommodation Include:   2 night stay accommodation,  1+1  persons room sharing,    1+1 morning breakfast,  break with tea-coffee-pastry  & a lunch,   Residential Accommodation will be arranged as per male / female suitable categories.  ( Extra Charge for demand of –  Personal room or Accompanying person)

Without Accommodation Include:  1 lunch, 1 morning breakfast,   1 break with tea-coffee-pastry.

Exclusion in Package :-  The package does not include Visa, Air Fare, Medical  and Travelling Charges. Participants need to arrange their own cost for it.  Extra days stay at hotel / resort location  with additional charge. Evening Dinner is Not include in Conference. Extra – Thailand / Bangkok / Pattaya city tour will be in sharing base with additional charge.

Payment terms – transaction charge :-  All payment must be prior while registration and confirmation,    in all online payments of  card  & international payments – an additional transaction charge  5%  must be added by the payer .    

Participants Travel & Arrival Suggestions:    “On Arrival Visa” of Thailand is free from some countries  or  apply for visitor visa.     Participant can arrive  on 29th March, 2024  at  Bangkok Airport,  as per Thailand time between  09:00 am  to 02:00 pm  and  can check-in to  Venue Resort at 02:00 pm as per Thailand time. (On the Airport  participant can wait for  any accompanying other participants for common taxi / van sharing to reach at Resort venue, stay connected in conference WhatsApp group)

** Visa Documents for all participants – travellers :-   1)  valid passport (Passport or travel document with an expiry date of no less than 6 months); 2)  One(1) recent 4 x 6cm; 3)  Round-trip air ticket or e-ticket (paid in full);  4)  Proof of bank statement – (10,000 baht per person/20,000 baht per family) ;  5) Proof of Hotel or private accommodation booking    and  6)  2 COVID19 vaccination certificates  as per  –  Thailand  travel guidance rules and norms. 

*** For Flight Booking easy options visit  website of:-  MakeMyTrip  /  goibibo /  easemytrip   /  or  any  authentic  website.    For guidance in booking  contact us by email / call.

​**** As a professional research organization – organizers have a proper plan and arrangements for ease of participation with offered package – facilities.  But in any undesirable circumstances – situations, organizers can postpone / change dates and/or locations. Conference Participation Agreement needs to be signed by each participant.

Cancellation – Refund Policy :-   Refund as 70%  of paid amount within early bird dates.   Then after No Refund.  

Offers for non organizers :-  Agent  or  Consultant   who  –  put effort for minimum 20 participants registration to participate at physical location with a Full Payment​  His/Her  registration and other expenses will be paid by our research organization. (Inclusion &  Exclusion as mentioned)

 SPONSHORS / Co-Sponsors are Welcome :

Conference Location – Venue:   Divalux Resort & Spa,  Bangkok,  Thailand     (  Approx. – 12.5 km from Suvarnabhumi International Airport )
Participants :     Who can Attend the Conference ?  :
Academic Institutions Heads Directors, Head of the departments, Principals, Deans, Presidents, Chairman, Trustee
Academic Institutions Professionals Professors, Lecturers, Teachers, Academicians, Scientists. 
Researchers – Students Ph.D, M.phil, Post-Doc. Fellow, Masters, Bachelors Researchers  and  Students
Business Executives Industry Delegates, Employees, Managers and Professionals. 
Associations – Collaborators Sponsors,  Co-Sponsors, Exhibitors. 
Collaborate with RCS  / SRA
 As a Co-Organizer /Sponsor/Co-sponsor for upcoming conferences/events   
Join Us  (Submit Short Biography) Speaker, Session Chair, Committee Member, Co-Organizer  (For selected Candidate with registration charge)
Publications   For all Presenters with registration and participation charge. (e-ISSN Journal  &  ISBN )
For  Visa  &  Flight Booking  Help Contact us  by  Email       or     Contact Office Number  (M)  +91 9033767725


Best Paper / Project / Poster  Presentation Awards      ISRC – 2024
Presenters Name Paper/ Poster Title

Keynote Speakers  / Guest Speakers ( Tentative list – other invited speakers can join ):

Prof. Natalia.,  Head of the Eurasian Institute of Science and Technology, EU.

Dr.(hc).Rania Lampou, STEM instructor and Global Speaker,  Greek Ministry of Education, the Directorate of Educational Technology and Innovation,  Greece.  &   Head, STEM Department, Eurasian Institute of Educational Technology,  E.U.

Prof.Dr. M. Narayani, Vice Chancellor, Chreso University, Zambia, Africa.

Prof. Dr. Markus A. Launer,  Ostfalia Hochschule, Campus Suderburg, Germany & Independent Institute for non-profit Services, Germany.

Prof. Yanina Lisun,  Associate Professor,  State University Trade and Economics,  Ukraine, Europe.

Prof. Dr. Redzuan Sofian,   President and CEO Trichester Consulting, MALAYSIA.

Dr. Daria Suprun, Professor, Department of Social Work and Rehabilitation, National University of Life Science and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine,  Kyiv, Ukraine.

Dr.C.M.Patel,  Director – RCS.;  ISRA.     Program Head, Eurasian University. 

Dhaval Sahija I.T  Industry Executive and Expert,  USA.

Dr. Sirikarn Thongmak,  Bangkok, Thailand

Dr.Xihui Chen,  Assistant Professor, Accounting and Finance Edinburgh Business School, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh,  UK.

Dr.Anna Jasiulewicz, Assistant Professor, Management Institute at Warsaw University of Life Sciences (SGGW), Warszawa, Poland.

Prof. Gagik Shmavonyan,  Scientist & Professor –  National Polytechnic University of Armenia, Advisor at Ministry of High-Tech Industry of Armenia and International Expert in Nanotechnology.

Prof. Jelena Bošković (PhD),    Full Professor, Academician of IRASA Metropolitan University Belgrade, Republic of Serbia, Europe.


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About the Conference: 

ISRC-2024 is a good platform to bring together accomplished academicians, scientists, researchers, scholars and students to exchange and share their knowledge, experiences and research results on the aspects of advancements in  Science, Agriculture, Engineering, Technology, Business Management, Commerce, Social Sciences, Literature, ELT and Education. This forum can & will spell a scholarly platform to network and discuss the practical challenges encountered and the solutions adopted in their respective domains worldwide. The Conference main Aim is to provide an interaction stage for researchers, students and practitioners from academia and industries to deal with state-of-the-art advancement in their respective fields.  The outcome based aim is an ambience that will be instrumental in taking our  participants and delegates to the next level of their expertise in their profession.    Participants also will visit the city and country as it is a famous tourist attraction.  

Objective of the International Conference: The main objective of the scientific conference is to exchange of ideas, discuss issues and views towards the advancement of theory and practices and to create space for presentation of current results of research and scientific work in the field of Sciences, Agriculture, Engineering and Technology, Business Management, Trade, Economy, Social Sciences, Literature, ELT and Education. Conferences such as this provide a valuable opportunity for researchers, academicians and students to share experiences. 



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