We’re always looking for  enthusiastic researchers, professors, academicians, individuals  and  industry delegates to join as a Committee Member.  


Join as a Committee Member.

Join as a Session Chair.

Join as a Moderator (Anchor Person)

Join as a Promoter / Supporter


Efforts required for Event/Program: Committee Members &  Session Chairs  need to promote event and try to add a minimum 2 – 3  paid participants in the program / event.  All Committee Members, Session Chairs, Moderators, Promoters  and  Supporters can share event flyers, brochures with  webpage links in social media and contact sources to promote.  As we believe events/programs are collective efforts of all committee members;  as an international organization we are planning the best way to support committee members and participants. 


 Submit a Short Biography  in Template.     ( Download Template  => )
 Regular Member need to contribute a nominal charge :    
   Only   $ 10 USD  –       (for 1 virtual / online event)

   For offline event  –      20%   discounted charge as per event – days, facility and location.


Send your SHORT BIOGRAPHY to:     ​scientificresearchassociation@gmail.com,    director@researchculturesociety.org



  •  ‘Appreciation Certificate ‘   to  Committee Members, Session Chairs,  Moderators, Promoters and Supporters. 
  • Interaction with scientists, professors, academicians, researchers and delegates.
  • Sharing Ideas and Knowledge to reach out to different countries.
  • Professional Development.
  • Opportunity as a Keynote Speaker / Guest Speaker / Plenary Speaker / Invited Speaker.
  • Chairing opportunity at SRA / RCS conferences, congress, seminar, symposium.


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