International Scientific Research Association (‘Scientific Research Association’) is a registered and an esteemed research association working on to provide scientific research services, educational studies and activities at international level, also coordinate with other research organizations for the educational research eventsScientific Research Association as honorary partner of the ‘Research Culture Society’ with  MoU – collaboration.

We strive to create an impact on the education field and research community with our various services. We as a Scientific Organization have taken initiative to recognize all the stakeholders of education and other professional sectors, We believe that small appreciation can make a positive impact on the society people. It helps to encourage and enhance professionalism. 

We are offering Membership,  Academic MoU, Industrial Collaborations, Conferences, Seminars, Workshops, Awards, and other research innovation  events. 


Educational institutions (Universities, Faculties, Colleges, Departments);   Industries,  Companies  and  Firms  are welcome for Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) as the Knowledge Partner and Exchange programs in collaboration/association with us.   There is no fee or charge for MoU with us.   

For signing an MoU with us, send us an interest Email to :-    ​