Collaboration (MoU)  opportunities with   1)   ‘RESEARCH CULTURE SOCIETY’  &   2) ‘International Scientific Research Association’ :   

A registered ‘International Scientific Research Organizations’  invite for the Collaboration.

Educational institutions (Universities, Faculties, Colleges, Schools, Departments);   Industries,  Companies  and  Firms  are welcome for Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) as the Knowledge Partner and Exchange programs in collaboration/association with us.   There is no fee or charge for MoU with us. 

Who can send interest and sign an MoU with us ? : 

  • Academic MoU :-   Authorized Head Persons from Universities, Institutions, Colleges, School. ( i.e. – Rector, Department Head, Dean, I/C Head, Registrar, Vice Chancellor, Chancellor, Director, HOI, Rector, Principal, IQAC Head ).   
  • Corporate MoU :-  Authorized Head Persons from Industry, Company and Corporate Firm. (i.e. – CEO, Chairman, Director, Manager, President, Head) 

Types of Collaboration / Tie-up:     5 Years MoU Collaboration     OR      Any 1 Event – Programme based Collaboration as a joint co-organizer/supporter/co-host with Institute Name, Logo and Committee Members.  



For signing an MoU with us, send an interest Email to:-
 RCS   –  Academic   MoU  Form    ( Download Form  => )
 RCS   –  Corporate  MoU  Form    ( Download Form  => )
 RCS  MoU / Collaboration  List of Institutions   =>


 2) ‘International Scientific Research Association’ :   There is no fee or charge for MoU with us.   

For signing an MoU with us,   send an interest Email to :-    ​
 ISRA   –  Academic   MoU  Form    ( Download Form  => )
 ISRA   –   Corporate   MoU  Form   ( Download Form  => )
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Objectives of MoU (Collaboration) : 

  • To provide a common forum for exchange of ideas and views regarding designing and/or execution of professional, academic and industrial programs or activities.
  • To increase the knowledge level of teachers, researchers and delegates.
  • To help in increasing  institutions grads and rankings 
  • To use and share libraries, instrumental and related-infrastructure facilities of each other.
  • To exchange information and arrange joint seminars/ workshops/ trainings/ lectures /FDPs/ PDPs for students and teachers.
  • To exchange information and arrange trainings / seminars/ workshops for industries, companies, firms and corporate employees.
  • To receive funds or grants from industries, companies and corporate firms.


Benefits of MoU (Collaboration) : 

  • Academic advantage for Institutional grades in evaluation and international level ranking.
  • Educational events  or  Professional events organization in collaboration or in association with us.  Events promotion (without any charge) on websites of our organization and associated journals. 
  • Members / Faculties can be appointed as the Keynote Speaker, Guest Member in Conference, Seminar and professional or educational events.
  • Members / Faculties can  work as the Expert for Lectures on different themes, topics in workshops and other training programs or events.
  • A joint Coordination Committee can be formed for smooth and effective execution of activities and programs.
  • Arrangement of Industrial Trainings, Corporate Trainings and Professional Trainings for employees and delegates.
  • Networking with scholarly academicians, researchers, scientists and industry delegates.
  • Publication of conference, seminar, symposium with concession in ISSN Journals and with ISBN proceedings book.


Activities and Programs: 

The organizations based upon the principle of respect for each other’s independence and of mutual benefit, will carry out the following activities. 

  • Educational Research Events and Personal Development Programs.
  • Personal Development Programs / Faculty Development Programs / Student Development Programs.
  • Exchange of faculty as visiting lectures, Guest of honor, Speaker.
  • Designing and execution of conferences, seminars, workshops, Symposiums etc.
  • Platform for Presentations and Exhibition of research or project work.
  • International level Publication Opportunities by Conference and Seminar events.
  • Exchange of publications and information.
  • Professional Training and Skill Program for Industries, Companies, Firms and Corporate employees and staff.
  • Conference/ Seminars/ Workshops/ Trainings / Lectures / FDPs/ PDPs for students, teachers and professors.
  • Conference/ Seminars/ Workshops/ Trainings / PDPs for industries, companies, firms and corporate employees.
  • Invite funding for projects or events from industries, companies, corporate firms or from government bodies. 


Event – Programme  Collaborator/Co-organizer/Co-host  Requirement :   Efforts Required from the Join  Institutions which are joining with Institution Name & Logo –  To arrange Minimum number of Paid Participants from within Institution  or  Outside promotion sources.

International Conference  or  Seminar :  Minimum 8 to 10 Participants – Presenters  and  2 to 4 Committee Members from the Institution side. 

National Conference or Seminar :   Minimum 15 to 20 Participants – Presenters  and  4 to 5 Committee Members from the Institution side. 

Workshop / FDP / STTP/ SDP / Training :   Minimum 20  Participants.

Participation Norms :  RCS/ ISRA usually apply normal fee or charge per participant – per candidate as per ready plan of event by RCS/ISRA side.   Joint  collaboration  Institutions can support  or  can arrange sponsor help for their own institute participants/candidates.  Joint Collaborator/Co-organizer/Co-host candidates will be given  15 to 20 % discount per participant – per event.

Arrangement:  A ready pre planned management with joint committee, keynote or plenary speakers, event schedule, brochure, flyers for promotions of the event will be prepared and available from RCS/ ISRA. 


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