We’re always looking for  new thinkers, new voices and new ideas to add to the SRA community.   ‘International Scientific Research Association’  and  ‘Research Culture Society’  offer  to join us as the Speaker for upcoming international events, conferences, congress, seminars, training programs.  The overarching goal of the scientific research culture society, (RCS) is to grow and maintain successful relationships with international professors, scientists, scholars, researchers, students and industry delegates. Event or  program  can be  in  virtual   or  offline  or hybrid mode. ​ For offline joining – separate  discounted charges as per the event and location.

Join as the Speaker,  Regular Presenter,  Event Speaker, Conference Speaker, Seminar Speaker.

Join as the Invited Guest Speaker,  Keynote Speaker,  Plenary Speaker, Event Speaker. 

Join as the Speaker.

Become a Speaker. 

Public Speaker.

SRA  Scientific Circle.

Requirement from Speaker as a Professional:

Invited Speaker (Guest/Keynote/Event Speaker – Free to Join :  Not to Pay any Charge) :-   A well prepared PPT presentation with speech   or   verbal speech as per conference/ event topic. 

Regular Speaker (Presenter Participant):-    PPT presentation with speech as per conference or event topic.  (Refer our upcoming conferences / events webpage :  https://researchculturesociety.org/conference-seminar/  )


 Submit a Short Biography  in Template.     ( Download Template  => )
 Regular Speaker can contribute / donate a nominal charge :   
   Only   $ 10 USD  –      (for 1 virtual / online event)

   For offline event  –      20%  discounted charge as per event – days, facility and location.      


Send your interest  or  inquiry  to:    ​scientificresearchassociation@gmail.com,   director@researchculturesociety.org


Benefits:      Get a title as –    ‘SRA  Global Speaker’.

  • Speaker will receive – ‘Appreciation Certificate ‘   or  ‘Appreciation and Honour Certificate’  or  with a memento. 
  • Interaction with scientists, professors, academicians, researchers and delegates.
  • Sharing Ideas and Knowledge to reach out to different countries.
  • Professional Development.
  • Learn from other speakers.
  • Opportunity as a Keynote Speaker / Guest Speaker / Plenary Speaker / Invited Speaker / Committee Member.
  • Chairing opportunity at SRA / RCS conferences, congress, seminar, symposium.
  • Live SRA Speaker conversations with opportunities to ask questions.

Efforts required for Event/Program:  Invited Speakers, Plenary Speakers, Guest Speakers and Committee Members   are requested to promote event and try to add a minimum 2 paid participants in the program / event.  All Committee Members, Session Chairs, Moderators, Promoters  and  Supporters can share event flyers, brochures with  webpage links in social media and contact sources to promote.  As we believe events/programs are collective efforts of all committee members;  as an international organization we are planning the best way to support committee members and participants. 




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