Scientific Research Association’s

SRA  Global Awards :  2023     (International Level)

( Nominations are open for   –  2023 )

Scientific Research Association’s    ‘SRA  GLOBAL AWARDS’   aims to actively reaching out all countries of the world and identifies, recognize exceptional educators, academicians and researchers who made outstanding contributions for the society and generation. This Awards aims to identify academicians,  researchers and professionals who demonstrated excellence in their field with outstanding contributions to serve the community.  Scientific Research Association  initiated this most prestigious ‘SRA  GLOBAL AWARDS‘ in the field of education and corporate sectors to identify best professionals  from all regions and countries of the world,  who serve for the betterment of the society and communities.   If you think that,  you deserve the recognition and achievement,  you  can nominate for this  Award…..


SRA  Global Award (Gold)  Nomination   Categories  –  I   (Individual)

Research / Innovation / Education / Higher Education  Sector

1.        Education Excellence Award
2.        Research Excellence Award
3.        Award for Outstanding Performer : Academic / Online Education
4.        Award for Excellence and Innovation in Online education
5.        Excellent & Dedicated Professional Achievement Award
6.        Distinguished Academician / Professor / Librarian / Mentor/ Trainer/ Instructor Award
7.        Excellence in Inclusive Education Award
8.        Award for Academic Leadership
9.        Award for Contribution in Education Sector/ Technical Education/ Research & Development
10.    Award for Pioneer Researcher
11.    Best Educators Award  /  Best Teaching Faculty
12.    Best Principal / Director / Dean / HOD of the Year Award
13.    Outstanding Contribution to Leadership Development in Academic / Higher Education (Online/Offline)
14.    Outreach Initiative of the Year Award in Higher Education/Academics
15.    Award for Outstanding Support for Students / Research Scholars / Professionals / Faculties
16.    Dedicated & Professional Librarian / Mentor/ Consultant / Instructor Award
17.    Award for Best Practices in Inclusive Education
18.    National Award for Teachers / Teacher of the year Award – Primary / Secondary / Higher Education
19.    International Award for Teachers / Teacher of the year Award – Primary / Secondary / Higher Education
20.    Young Scientist / Achiever / Researcher / Entrepreneur Award
21.    Most Innovative Academician / Teacher / Faculty / Professor of the Year Award
22.    Award for Teacher / Faculty / Student with Higher Potential
23.    Distinguished Librarian Award / Eminent Librarian Award
24.    Best Student Project of the Year Award
25.    Outstanding Youth / Student Services Award
26.    Outstanding Research Supervisor of the Year Award
27.    Award for the Think Tanks in Technical Education
28.    Award for Outstanding Dissertations / Thesis
29.    Excellent and Dedicated Professional Achievement Award
30.    Award for Contribution in Medical / Dental / Agricultural Science /Applied Science
31.    Award for Contribution to the Research & Development in academic
32.    Award for Distinguished Academician / Professor in Higher Education
33.    Award for Contribution to the Education Sector for Promoting Online Education
34.    Award for Most Innovative Contribution to Research Project Collaboration / University Collaboration
35.    Research Project of the Year:  Management / Commerce/ Engineering & Technology / Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences / Applied Science / Medical Science


Award Nomination Categories  –   II  (Individual  &  Common / Group )

Corporate / Industry / Firm / Institution / Social / Professional  Sector

1. Award for Contribution in Industrial Development /Skill Development / Social Sector & Development
2. Award for Outstanding Performer : Professional / Corporate / Social Sector
3. Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Local Community
  4.  Award for Technological Innovation of the Year
5. Most Innovative Entrepreneur / Industry / Corporate Expert of the Year Award
6. Outreach Initiative of the Year in Corporate Sector / Social Service & Development
7. Outstanding Contribution to Leadership Development in Corporate/Industry (Online/Offline)
8. Award for Excellence In Co-Curricular Activities/ Sports/ Faculty Training
9. Award for Excellence in Skill Development
10. Award for Excellence in Creative Arts or Cultural Development
11. Award for Best Writer (Academic Books / Corporate Books / Fiction / Non Fiction)
12. Best Educational Equipment Manufacturers   (National  / Regional)
13. Excellence in Industrial Interface   (Business Schools/ Private University)
14. Award for the Innovative & Dedicated Practitioner (Chartered Accountant/ Company Secretary / Lawyer)
15. Award for Achievement of Excellence in Career Guidance and Placements
16. Award for Best  Business School / Management Institute / Private College /  Private University /  Govt. College  (National / Regional)
17. Best Faculty amongst Business Schools / Management Institute / Private College/ Private University / Govt. College (National / Regional)
18. Award for Best  Science College/  Science School / Science Institute  (Private College /  Private University /  Govt. College)   (National / Regional)
19. Excellence in Instructional Leadership Award
20. Best Education Technology Company of the Year
21. Best Education Consultants (National / Regional)
22. Best Emerging School of the Year (International / National / Regional)
23. Best Overseas Education Consultants (National  / Regional)
24. Best Agriculture College (National / Regional)
25. Best Engineering College / Polytechnic (National / Regional)
26. Best Service in Medical and Healthcare Field  (Medicine – Healthcare – Pharma Production Company/Industry)
27. Excellence in Healthcare Services (Hospitals – Healthcare Centers)
28. Excellence in Agricultural Services  (Production Company / Industry)
29. Excellence in  Financial Services  (Company/ Industry / Firm)
30. Excellence in  I.T. / Digital / Ecommerce Services  (Company / Industry)
31. Excellence in Quality Production / Manufacturing  Services  (Company / Industry)
32. Emerging Company of the Year  (Company / Industry)
33. Excellence in Placement and Corporate Relations (Consultancy / Company / Industry)
34. Best  and Innovative Start-up of the Year   (Consultancy / Company / Industry)
35 Emerging Start-up of the Year    (Company/ Industry / Firm)
36 Excellence in Corporate Training
37 Best Corporate Trainer

 Norms and Rules:  SRA  Global Award Nomination  (Gold  &  Silver)

  • Nominations will be evaluated by the Jury panel of the Association.  Awards selections are purely merit based as per the mentioned criteria in the nomination forms.  In the  Awards Categories – Subject / Study/ Work/ Business Field wise nominations will be considered.
  • Separate Nominations should be submitted for each category. 
  • Hard copy of the certificate with respective Award Title and Memento.
  • Nomination application is free,    Nomination fee applicable after selection in both categories  –  I / II.
  • Award ceremony Location, Date and time will be informed to Nominees by Email (Before 7 to 20 days).  Organizers can change location and date / postpone later, if conditions are not normal.
  • Selected Nominee of category – I / II  candidate need to present at the location of the award or can Join in Online mode.  Non Attendee will receive Award, Certificate at Home/Office Address.
  • By filling the Nomination online form nominee declare that : He/She applying with true information, supportive documents as per his/her best of knowledge and paying nomination charge,   He/She will accept the decision of SRA Global Awards/ RCS Society’s  – Jury panel and will not claim against the Research Culture Society or SRA Global Awards Jury Panel or RCS Award organizers.
  • Payment of Nomination charges online by Debit / Credit Card / Bank Account :

Benefits SRA  Global Award & Honour : (Gold  & Silver)

Individual person Category  – I / II .  ( For Academician /Professor / Teacher / Industry Delegate / Citizen )    

  • Hard copy of the certificate with respective Award Title, Trophy and Memento will be given. 
  • Membership Id card / Certificate soft copy will be given. RCS Professional Membership which will be given for nomination of GOLD category.  More details and benefits  visit :
  • Selected candidates name details along with photo will be available on the society / association website.
  • His/Her details will be displayed in our awards department page :
  • He/She may be invited as a Session Chair / Resource Person / Expert Faculty / Guest Speaker in our upcoming educational events.
  • He/She can be appointed as for our regular Chapter Head, State Coordinator,  National Head,  National Coordinator and Promoter. 

Category – II .  ( For Higher education Institute / School / Industry / Company/ Firm )

  • Certificate of Appreciation with respective Award Title, Trophy and Memento will be given.
  • Free MOU with the Institute / University / Department to organize educational conferences / seminars / workshops and FDPs.
  • Free indexing of institute’s National or International conferences / seminars/ symposium / workshop flyer details on the society website. 
  • Assistance to conduct National / International conferences / Seminars (Conditions applied) in the institute including online publication, Print publication along with conference/seminar kit.
  • Editorial Board Membership can be given to Ph.D holders teaching faculties with fair research exposure. 
  • RCS  Professional Membership to the faculties of Institute / Department/ University. (Only e-Certificate / e-ID card will be issued). RCS  dispatches around 25,000  posters per year to promote its events (including conferences, Journals, websites etc.) in which Institute Advertisement will be given for the period of one year.
  • One or Two pages for e-advertisement will be reserved for the institute in RCS Year Book or Conference Book.
  • Assistance to publish Books /Conference proceedings/ Special Issues with ISBN / ISSN  with nominal charges.

Procedure and documents check list to apply for the award :

Respective Nomination forms must be downloaded at :

Note:  All respective documents must be zipped into a single  .Zip / .Zipx  file and send us by Email  and  Filled nomination form ( typed with e-sign and e-stamp ) along with the documents mentioned in respective award category checklist must be uploaded through online submission form available at:

Nomination Documents check list:   (Submit to us by email  –  .zip / .zipx downloadable file )

Individual person Category  – I / II .  ( For Academician /Professor / Teacher / Industry Delegate / Citizen )              

Individual person Category  – I .  ( For Academician / Professor / Teacher / Industry Delegate / Citizen)              

Based on the Candidate’s research work,  contribution in the development,  other achievements  :  One of his/her best research projects, thesis, papers (already published during the past five years) must be selected by the candidate for the award. Based on the technical weightage of the scientific research / research paper, standards of publisher, impact factor, citations etc. awards will be decided by the RCS Jury/ Review committee.

  • Award Nomination FORM – I   ( including Passport size photo –  with e-sign /and e-stamp )
  • any 1 Government ID proof  with name and address mentioned in it (.jpg/.png)    and  1  Institute / Employee ID Proof (.jpg/.png)  
  • Resume / C.V.  with research work,  academic work, developmental work  etc.  ( only last 2 years – proof of publications – certificate of conference/ Journals / books / patent/ other awards etc.   ( provide only link of abstract / full papers links  – Google Scholar/ SSRN / Publons/ ResearchGate / Academia / ResearcherID / etc. in C.V./Resume)

Category – II .  ( For Higher education Institute / University / School / Industry /  Firm )

  • Award Nomination FORM – II   ( with e-sign and e-stamp )
  • Registration / Affiliation / Approval Proof copies   (scanned PDF /jpg/ png) 
  • If any  Accreditation NAAC /NBA/ ISO/ Others    Proof copies   (scanned PDF /jpg/ png) 
  • Corresponding person –  any 1 Government ID proof  with name and address mentioned in it (.jpg/.png)  
  • Separate sheet (word file) mentioning – achievement / government / higher education grants in the last 2 years etc.  

Nominations  Charge / Fee     (For nominated – selected candidates)
Silver Category Trophy  –   Applicable fee Gold Category Trophy  –   Applicable fee
Nomination fee applicable for individual person Category  –   I .

 For Academician /Professor / Teacher / Industry Delegate / Citizen  :-   $ 100  /  3500 INR 

 For Researchers, Ph.D / M.Phil, Masters, Bachelor Students :-  $ 80  /  3000  INR. 

Nomination fee applicable for individual person Category  –   I .

 For Academician /Professor / Teacher / Industry Delegate / Citizen  :-   $ 120  /  7000 INR 

 For Researchers, Ph.D / M.Phil, Masters, Bachelor Students :-  $ 100   /  5000  INR. 

Nomination fee  applicable for  Category –  II .

For Institute / School/ Industry/ University award :- $  500  USD  or  20000  INR  and for the Departmental Award :-  $ 150  USD   or  8000  INR

Nomination fee  applicable for  Category –  II .

For Institute / School/ Industry/ University award :- $  1000  USD  or  40000 INR  and for the Departmental Award :-  $ 300  USD   or  15000  INR

Year of benefit in membership  –  1 Year in category – II . Year of benefit in membership  –   2 Years  in category –  I & II
RCS  Professional Membership to 5 members in category – II . RCS  Professional Membership to all the faculties of Institute / Department in category – II .

*  First only submit Nomination without Payment.       Applicable Fee payment Only after selection need to be paid. Form
Nomination form for individual person Category  –   I / II
Nomination form for  Category – II  (Higher Education Institution)
Nomination form  for   Category – II   (School Education )
Nomination form  for Service providers  Category –    I  &   II 
 SRA  Awards  Nomination online Fee Payment option


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