Government Science College,   Chhota Udepur

Affiliated to Shri Govind Guru University, Godhra, Gujarat, India (Government University)

In collaboration with

Research Culture Society.

Organizing  a  National Level

Faculty Development Programme on

Transforming the Curriculum as per NEP2021: Empowering Learning for Life

Date:   24  to  28  January, 2022


Online mode –  Zoom Meeting     

About the FDP:-  

Teaching and learning activities have undergone a sea change in recent years. Technological development  and rapidly changing industry requirements are demanding innovative and outcome-based methods  of classroom delivery. Effective outcome-based teaching is an amalgamation of techniques, skills,  judgment, and technology. The 5-day faculty development program on “Innovative Approaches Towards Outcome Based Teaching  Learning in Higher Education” has been conceived to broaden the understanding and practice of advanced  and innovative methods of teaching-learning in higher education focusing on the overall outcome. The FDP  will address the themes including Innovative Teaching-Learning Methods for Outcome-Based Education,  Research and Case-Based Learning, Artificial Intelligence-Based Education, Outcome Based Assessments in  Higher Education, and Value-Based Education and Soft Skills for Greater Impact in Teaching Learning.

Who should attend: 

The faculty development program is open for all.  Faculty members, Researchers, Teachers, Lecturers, Professors,  Industry and Academic Trainers, and Education Enthusiasts who are interested in gaining a deeper understanding of innovative  contemporary teaching methods and wish to attain a hands-on learning experience, are invited to attend  the event. (Colleges,  Institutions,  Universities,  Schools,  Private Coaching Institutes) 

Expected Outcome: 

  • Increase the capacity and skills of teachers in different techniques and pedagogy of teaching.   
  • Learning hands-on techniques and tools to attain the desired outcome for a specific course.  Understanding of the application of research and case-based learning in regular classroom delivery.  Understanding and learning the key concepts of outcome mapping and assessment design.
  • Understanding of innovative approaches of teaching in higher education institutions.
  • Understanding of employing artificial intelligence-based tools and techniques in regular classroom delivery.

Key Topics:

  • Integrating Life Skills for Students in the Curriculum.
  • Learning Analytics and Student Feedback Systems
  • Revolutionising Higher Education with Artificial Intelligence.
  • Rethinking Pedagogies for the 21st Century. 
  • Innovative, Holistic and Inclusive Teaching practice
  • Classroom Management Techniques.


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(Includes the resource materials relevant to the topic along with the e-certificate )

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For the Bank Payment and GPay/Paytm,  will send details to registered candidates by email.  

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About the Organizing Institutions: 

Government Science College,   Chhota Udepur

Affiliated to Shri Govind Guru University, Godhra, Gujarat, India (Government University)


Research Culture Society.