Why  ‘Research Culture Society’ ?

‘Research Culture Society’ is a professional organization working in the field of educational research and development at national and international level.  We focus to transform the quality of educational research, leadership Training, Practical education to students and Researchers.  Society had conducted many conference, seminar, workshops and many training programme, which helps the faculty members and researchers to develop their research knowledge and it helps to the society for development.

Membership Benefits:

  • Networking with members, Chapter heads,  Nation and State coordinators.
  • To be part of educational event as guest of honour, keynotes speaker, trainer or participant from ‘Research Culture Society’.
  • Scholarly and experiences educationists in research field will get free member in editorial board of our journals.
  • Highly scholarly educationists, scientists and industrial delegates meetings.
  • Organize and Participate  International or National Conferences, Seminars, Workshops and Training sessions with concession.
  • Members will get all information about National and International level conference, seminars and workshop through registered email.
  • 50% concessions in all type of publications with us. 

Membership :  

Categories  / Membership time  3 Years  10 Years  Life Time
Educationists /  Scientists / Industry Delegates  :  30 USD  150 USD  250  USD
Research Scholars:  Ph.D /  M.S. / M.Phil / Masters  20 USD  100 USD  200 USD

For membership :   Fill up our online form with all details. :

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