FDPs are unique programmes that provides an opportunity for faculty members engagement in immersed courses, in training,  research, teaching, skill development and contemporary issues. A package of rich inputs by experienced resource persons enhances the teaching and research capabilities, and a set of practical exposure based discussions improves the knowledge of the participants which makes them fit in today’s highly competitive academic arena.  The programme enables faculty members of various institutions / universities across the world to be abreast with contemporary research methods, teaching techniques, pedagogical advancements, and focused discussions on contemporary advancements in the discipline.

Objective: To improve the quality of  the faculties / teachers by training.
  • Sensitize teachers about new concepts in teaching and assessment methods.
  • Develop knowledge and other skills required for performing the role of competent and effective teacher, administrator, researcher and mentor.
  • Assist to acquire competency in communication and behavioral skills.
  • Update knowledge using modern information and research methodology tools.


Key focus areas of the FDP programme include:

  1. Case and Teaching Skill Development.
  2. Research Methodology.
  3. Research Skill Development.
  4. Perspectives on Management.
  5. Communication / Language enhancement skills. 
  6. Area wise specialization courses.
  7. Management Skill Development.
  8. Innovations and Applications in Science and Technology.


For more details contact us :  director@researchculturesociety.org 

Workshops / FDPs / STTPs / Special Lectures / Webinars / Certificate Courses


Below are some ready programmes – themes/topics,  there can be other themes and topics also for conducting  Workshop, Webinars,  FDP, HDP, STTP, Special Lectures. 

Effective Teaching Techniques,

Data Analysis using SPSS,

Data Analysis using AMOS,

Data Analysis using MATLAB, 

Data Analysis with R  Programming,

Data Analysis using Ms-Excel,

Data Visualization

Mathematical Research in Sets, 

Innovative Teaching Methods in Management Education,

Case Teaching in Management,

Strategy Management at Workplace and Home,

Formulation and Testing of Hypothesis,

Innovative Teaching Methods in Finance,

Innovative Teaching Methods in Marketing,

Innovative Teaching Methods in HR,

Presentation Skills,

Communication Skills,

ICT in Teaching and Learning,

Personality Development,

Stress Management,

Emotional Intelligence,

Creative Thinking,

Digital Literacy (for Non-IT Professionals),

Social Networking,

Introduction to Internet of Things,

Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence,

Introduction to Cloud Computing,

Introduction to Python Programming,

Digital Literacy Program

Data Science with Python,

ICT tools for Online Teaching and Assessment,

Cultural Analysis & Research,

Aspects of Language and Linguistics,

Literary theory and Criticism,

Society, Media and Culture,

Social – Political Aspects in life,

Ethics and life lessons to be learn from Epics,

Religion and Philosophers,

Innovations in Raising Education and Scientific Literacy

Collaborative Virtual Environments (CVEs)

Evaluation and Quality in Education

Global Implications of Education

Inclusive Learning and Special Education

Pedagogical Methods and Innovations

Learning Space Design

Curriculum Design & Lesson Planning

STEM Education

Universal Design for Learning

Staff Training, Evaluation & Assessment

Organisational challenges of Education

Building Online teacher / learner communities

ICT in Education & Emerging trends in Digital Era

Research Methods for English: Archival and Textual Analysis

Literature Review, Importance and Technique

Research Ethics and Stress management

Research Methods for English: Archival and Textual Analysis.

Approaches to Business Research Technology

Cognitive Science (Language and Creativity)

Humanities and Technology Exploring Intersections

Data Sciences and Data Management

Data Sciences and Data Management

Protection of Human Rights:  Contemporary Issues